The Bone Bank


Cappagh Bone Bank was set up in 1996 as a living donor tissue bank that retrieves bone from suitable consented donors undergoing Total Hip Replacement.

The Bank and its Satellite Units at the Mid Western Regional Orthopaedic Hospital, Croom and Our Lady’s Hospital, Navan are inspected and licensed by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) to ensure compliance with Irish and EU legislation and standards in its procedures, testing and practices. Together, the three units hold a Tissue Establishment (TE) License and was the first Irish Bone Bank to achieve this.


Summary of Services Provided

  • The bone is removed as part of the hip replacement operation and no longer required by the donor.  For the donor, the bone may still be useful as bone but without the cartilage layer to protect it during movement of an arthritic joint, it no longer functions as a joint. However, the bone without the cartilage layer could still be useful as bone graft to strengthen or replace lost bone for another patient during their surgery. It has been shown to be very effective for this purpose improving the quality of bone in the recipient and giving a better outcome from their surgery. The main use is in revision joint surgery, but can also be used in bone tumour, fracture and spinal surgery. The donor and donated bone are rigorously tested to out-rule infections before release for implantation.
  • The Bank supplies graft for our own patients and also for non-Cappagh patient benefit nationally.
  • The Bank supplies frozen femoral head allograft and also imports other Musculoskeletal allograft from USA Tissue Banks for specific requests under the terms of our TE License. These grafts are not currently retrieved in Ireland. The grafts held would include femoral struts – frozen and freeze-dried – and tendon grafts.


As the standards for accepting donors and their bone are very high, Cappagh Bone Bank is always very grateful to the many donors that are accepted and also to the very many more that are so willing, but unfortunately, are not suitable to donate. We would like to thank all for their bone or good intentions to help another person needing graft.


Contact Information

Prof. J. Conor O’Keane. FRCPI., FFPath., RCPI

Mr Ken O'Haire, Assistant Director of Nursing


Phone: +353 (1) 8140 337
Email: bonebank [at] cappagh [dot] ie

Mission Statement

We are inspired by the love of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

We strive to Care for all patients with excellence, Cherish the uniqueness of each person and Treat them with compassion, love and integrity.

We are constantly challenged to meet the needs of our times in all aspects of care, through ongoing education and research.