Cappagh Hospital Active Rehabilitation Unit (ARU)


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This Active Rehabilitation Unit is a 42 bed facility which was opened in October 2012. The service accepts adults over the age of 65 from the Mater Hospital and Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown. Patients are admitted for rehabilitation orthopaedic surgeries, reduced mobility, falls, strokes or medical illnesses. This unit will benefit those people who may have been struggling physically, have difficulty with everyday tasks of living or have had a recent decline in function. Patients are admitted under a Consultant Geriatrician and a rehabilitation care plan is developed based on their needs.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides a range of rehabilitation services  including Medical, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language, Dietician, Pharmacy and Medical Social Worker before returning home. Our medical staff are available 24/7 to respond to the medical care needs of our inpatients.

Patient referrals to the service are reviewed by the Consultant Geriatrician and accepted based on the likelihood that they will benefit from rehabilitation. Patients must consent to rehabilitation and express a willingness and motivation to participate.

ARU PatientSummary of Services Provided

Medical Care

The medical team is led by two Consultant Geriatricians from the Mater and James Connelly Memorial Hospitals. The role of the medical team is to diagnose and treat any acute or chronic medical issues that may impede our patient’s recovery. Our medical staff are available 24/7 to respond to the medical care needs of our inpatients. Our consultants play a key role in coordinating the work of the multidisciplinary team at our weekly team meetings to provide a patient-centred care plan with the aim of returning people to the best level of independence by the time of discharge

Nursing Care

Nursing care in the ARU is based on the delivery of excellent quality patient care, by highly skilled competent nursing staff. Nursing staff will provide support and encouragement throughout your stay and provide a very important link between all members of the interdisciplinary team. On admission to the ward the nurse will complete a care pathway with you.  This includes a review of your activities of daily living, medication, wound care and discharge planning. Nursing staff will implement and update your care plan with your involvement on a daily basis and monitor your treatment goals.


The Physiotherapy department is a dynamic and patient centred team. Our aim is to improve lives through movement and mobility and assist patients to return to their home as independently and safely as possible. Not long after you arrive, you will meet your own dedicated physiotherapist who will help you set goals and design a treatment plan. This will help achieve your maximum potential. Your physiotherapist can provide balance, mobility and strengthening programmes, as well as mobility aids. We also run falls prevention, balance and strengthening classes in the easily accessible gym on the ward.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy aims to enable individuals to perform the activities of daily living they want or need to do. These activities may include essential day-to-day tasks such as washing, getting into bed, cooking and shopping; or activities that are meaningful and enjoyable, such as pursuing hobbies and socialising. Your Occupational therapists (OT’s) will help you find solutions to everyday challenges, for example how to approach a task differently, using equipment or aids, adapting your home or working environment, or finding strategies to reach your chosen goals. The Occupational Therapy team also runs falls prevention and upper limb activity groups, and deliver education programmes on topics such as energy conservation and anxiety management. Through this therapy, individuals can help develop their confidence, achieve their goals and return home as safely and independently as possible

Speech and Language Therapy

Anyone with suspected speech, language or swallow problems is referred to our Speech and Language Therapist. The therapist also works closely with the Dietician.

The Nutrition and Dietetic Service

All patients on special diets or those requiring additional nutritional support are referred to the Dietitian. We will carry out an assessment and devise a personal care plan to ensure that the nutritional needs of the person are met to enhance the healing process and to promote recovery. We work closely with multidisciplinary team members and catering staff to ensure this plan is fully implemented.

Pharmacy Service

A full clinical pharmacy service is provided to the ARU. The pharmacist will arrange the supply of your medications. They are available to provide you with information on new medicines and to liaise with you and your family to organise the management of your medicines at home.

The Medical Social Work Department

The Medical Social Work Department aims to help patients return home and tries to put in place any supports necessary for this to happen. The Medical Social Worker offers emotional support to patients, families and those affected by illness and concerned about managing at home or other issues that concern them. The Social Worker completes a psychological assessment of all patients referred to the service. This assessment identifies areas of social, emotional and environmental factors which are significant in the individual’s life. This enables the Social Worker, along with the patient, to identify areas in which support may be needed on discharge and to plan appropriately for this.

Contact Information

Caroline Kilcoyne

Clinical Nurse Manager II
Phone: +353 (1) 8140419

Fax: +353 (1) 8140327

Mission Statement

We are inspired by the love of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

We strive to Care for all patients with excellence, Cherish the uniqueness of each person and Treat them with compassion, love and integrity.

We are constantly challenged to meet the needs of our times in all aspects of care, through ongoing education and research.