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Amanda King – An inspiration to all of us.

Four years ago Amanda was living her life without a care in the world. Then she started to get pains in her legs which were initially diagnosed as leg spasms and treated with injections. Amanda thought her problems were over. However soon afterwards, while on holiday in Lanzarote, Amanda started to have panic attacks. When she returned to Dublin she was referred to the Mater Hospital for an ultrasound, where they found a tumour in her leg.

Amanda’s life suddenly changed and started to revolve around chemotherapy and radiation, ultimately however, these did not work and the tumour remained.

Eventually in 2006 she was referred to Cappagh Hospital for a leg amputation. The impact of this on Amanda’s life was harrowing; at such a young age to lose a leg is a very difficult thing to deal with. Especially helpful to Amanda were Clinical Nurse Specialist Bone Tumour Liaison, Margaret Cavanagh and prosthetist/orthotist Donna Fisher, who were with Amanda constantly and supported her and did everything for her during her recovery.

Amanda has two young children of her own and despite having to cope with losing her leg she still finds time to play with her children and to help others. Determined not to let this devastating turn of events beat her, Amanda decided to try to get a computerised leg. The cost was huge, €30,000, but the leg would help her get a full range of movement and also allow her the mobility to run after her young children.
So Amanda went about fundraising for the new leg with benefit nights and collections outside of Croke Park, and with the help of her family friends, community and Cappagh Hospital Trust she received her aim and now has a computerised leg.

The computerised leg has made life much easier. Things like going down stairs and running around after the kids as well as going to the gym are much simpler. Amanda goes to the gym now 3 times a week and takes long walks where possible, she has even taken part in the Women’s Mini Marathon.

Amanda was deservedly voted the Flora Heart Hero at 2010 Flora Mini Marathon , a tribute to her big heart and the help and inspiration she gives to others.

Despite the devastating impact of losing her leg Amanda’s gentle nature and quiet determination still shine through. Amanda is an inspiration to all of us and a model for overcoming severe adversity in life and she is still shining through with passion and strength of character.


Bridget Leon – Always a smile!

Bridget Leon came to Cappagh for a hip operation. She is due to have an operation on the other hip later. This is what she said about her stay in Cappagh Hospital:

“Before I went in I was struggling around. I had been a church cleaner in Donnycarney Church. The pain was getting worse so I went to Beaumont for an Xray which showed two hips had to be done. I got in to Cappagh Hospital for assessment - the nurses, I couldn’t believe it – call them by first name nothing formal. When I got admitted – wonderful experience, happy experience. Six days there, doctors and nurses made me feel so happy, it was wonderful. They were so pleasant, then you’re happy within yourself so not stressed. Always a smile , because you get better quicker when you are surrounded by nice caring people. It was like a holiday. All beds taken out, washed and scrubbed. For the operation, I felt I was only brought down and I was coming back. Nothing formal anymore and the food was lovely.

When I was leaving the Hospital I was singing “Wish me luck, as you wave me goodbye!”

I know I’m going in at some point to get the other hip done but I’m not worried one way or the other”


Noeleen Masterson

Noeleen Masterson is a native of Longwood, County Meath, where she has lived her entire life. Married to Johnny, Noeleen is a fulltime housewife and mother to Stephen and Sheila and grandmother to Jack, Lucie and Jamie. Noeleen has been attending Cappagh for over 4 years.

During a simple and routine spring clean at home, Noeleen was moving a locker across the room when the locker slipped and caused her to slip, injuring her back. Despite several visits to her GP, and follow up xrays, Noeleen still continued to suffer pain and she was referred to Cappagh Hospital for further investigation. Over the past 4 years Noeleen has had three major spinal surgeries performed and still requires ongoing treatment.

“From day one”, says Noeleen “I was kept fully informed of my situation. Under the care of Mr Ashley Poynton and his team, I was always aware of what procedures they had carried out, and why. They would take the time to discuss my treatment with me, explaining what still needed to be done, and were always on hand to answer any questions either my husband or myself had, and to offer reassurances where necessary.”

Noeleen speaks warmly of her stays at Cappagh Hospital, saying that she has never witnessed such professionalism and dedication to patient care, which she says is evident on every level. She remembers waking from a particularly difficult and complicated surgery to find one of the doctors. Noeleen recalls that she had lapsed in and out of consciousness throughout the night and could vaguely recall someone at her bedside. It transpired that the doctor had never left her side! “Now tell me”, says Noeleen, “Where else but Cappagh would you get such wonderful care.”

Mission Statement

We are inspired by the love of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy.

We strive to Care for all patients with excellence, Cherish the uniqueness of each person and Treat them with compassion, love and integrity.

We are constantly challenged to meet the needs of our times in all aspects of care, through ongoing education and research.